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An Easter egg - in this context - can refer to an unexpected or humorous feature in a piece of entertainment, often included as a joke, reference or bonus. World of Tanks Blitz does not shy away from this.

In this article, there will be links to a sub-page showing photos of the Easter Eggs.

Map Easter Eggs (Alphabetized)


  • In Sector 5, a building has 2 street signs that you can find with: "3" and "Blümenstraße" on them.
    • Once you find the signs, you need to aim a little to the right and than up. When you do that, you can see a grayscale potted flower in an open window.
  • A phone booth near the edge of Sector 6 rings once about every minute.

Black Goldville

  • One the back wall of the cave, you will see a cave painting of what appears to be a T25 attacking prehistoric people.
  • There are 2 signs on opposite sides of the map referencing the next Easter egg.
  • On the back of one of the buildings, there is a button. If you shoot it, and go to the front, you will see a key appeared in the rafters. Shooting it will cause it to fall down and unlock a crate. Now sitting in front of the crate are two items, called "Red Team's Sorrow" and "Colonel Ring", most likely referencing the enemy team and another one of Wargaming's games respectively.


  • There is a bee hive under the bridge by north spawn.


  • In the small town, there is a loudspeaker on the side of a building. If you go into sniper mode while facing the wall it's on, it will play music.
  • There is a sign going into the ghost town as you cross the railroad tracks. On the sign is a wanted poster with a picture of what is likely one of the developers. There is also a image of a red goblin-like creature painted on the sign.


  • Castilla has no known Easter Eggs as of this section being written.


  • There are signs scattered around the map, with pictures of an M4 Sherman Prototype, in reference to the development of the Sherman tank.
  • On the edge of the map, a caravan can be seen producing green smoke, in reference to the TV show Breaking Bad.

Dead Rail

  • On the edge of the map, there is a teaser for an upcoming map on the side of a train car.
  • If you spawn on the bottom of the map, look at the cargo in the trains, there is a AMX 50 B turret inside one of the train cars.
  • At the boundary line in front of three garage doors, the train cart at the most left door contains a few little snowmen.
  • There is a photo behind the train in sector 2
  • During New Years one year, in the valley area of the map, behind a small rock, the ground read "Happy New Year" in yellow text. This has since been removed.

Desert Sands

  • If you go to the town and find a window that shows a picture of a worm-like monster. Shooting the window will cause the monster to briefly come out of the sand outside of the map boundaries, directly behind the building with the window. It only activates once per match, and seems to activate via anything that can cause damage, including ramming the building or the splash from an HE shell.
    • Although the monster is referred to as "The Tremor", it's actually called a Graboid, and it's from a movie called Tremors.

Dynasty's Pearl

  • Dynasty's Pearl has no known Easter Eggs as of this section being written.


Falls Creek

  • If you shot the windmill, a big blimp bearing the WoT Blitz logo would fly over the map.  As of July 2020, this easter egg no longer works
  • Around the map, there are various tank parts.


  • A rocket will launch from the missile silo upon the match starting. It used to be a V-2 rocket used by Nazi Germany in WWII, but was later changed to a Soviet R-1 rocket due to the map being changed to a Russian theme.
  • The change from V-2 to R-1 required only a texture change for the rocket, as the R-1 was an exact copy of captured V-2 rockets.
  • Even though a rocket launched from the missile silo, there is still a rocket in the silo for the remainder of the match. Unlike the one that launched, the texture of this rocket was not changed, so it retains the iconic black and white markings of a German-built V-2. This may not be a mistake, however, as the Soviet Union was known to have fired captured V-2 rockets for research in their own ICBM and space programs.

Fort Despair

  • Inside the fort, by where the C point would be in supremacy, there is a small enclosed area, and if you look inside, you will see a crushed blue vehicle. Possibly a reference to when the map was changed to Macragge in the 2017 Halloween Event, Warhammer 40,000: Macragge's Thunder. -Add link to event page once added.

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  • Behind the place where the crushed vehicles is, there is 2 Easter Eggs. In that area, during a tournament, RA1D did a hill climb over the rocks and pushed a Grille 15 inside the area. The Grille proceeded to get onto the back hill, and snipe the other team. Later on in the battle, he moves to a taller neighboring hill, and snipes even more.
  • The first Egg is a BBQ grill, in the same spot on the lower hill. It is a clever reference to the tank that was used, being the Grille 15.
  • The second easter egg is on the taller hill, and it has a Radiation logo on it. If you go into Spectator mode and fly up there, a noise similar to that of a Geiger counter can be heard. A Geiger counter is used to detect Radiation in a given area. This Egg is a reference to the Clan that performed the hill climb, being RA1D, as their symbol is a Radiation Hazard symbol.
  • The Legendary camo for the Grille 15 called RA1DER was created to commemorate this historic tournament.


  • There is a volleyball on one of the beaches near the border between sectors 6 and 9 in reference to a movie called Cast Away.
  • Looking up at the ruin with the triangle roof structure between A and B cap you will see an eagle circling, zooming in you will see diamond symbol appear. There is a pile of hay directly below this point, so the eagle circling this high point on the map appears to be a reference to the eagle Ikaros and the tower climbing mechanic in the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey set in Ancient Greece. The diamond symbol looks like an objective marker in the game.
  • Shooting the small black window at castle with HE and will cause a big cloud appear.
  • There are two torn blue and gold banners hanging on one of the ruins, each with the heavy tank icon.


  • There used to be a UFO in the abandoned train station. This UFO used to cover a good majority of the skybox, and it's referencing the movie Independence Day: Resurgence.  The UFO was added as part of an event which started on July 1st, 2016, where the US T23E3 Nomad was added to the game. The UFO was patched out the very next update.
  • Behind some buildings there is a small hovercraft that you can see. The WoT Blitz YouTuber Pixel Rage managed to get to the vehicle, and found out it has no collision.
  • The church against the back map boundary at the south spawn is the only undamaged building on the map.
  • At the top left of the map (Sector 1) there is a building at the end of the rail yard with only the front of the building inside the map boundary with some rubble mounds underneath. Look inside and above to your left is a white disk with blue lines through it that is a smaller version of the original UFO.

Lost Temple

  • At 50 seconds left during a match, a red Chinese Dragon will fly over head.

Mayan Ruins

  • On top of a waterfall, there is a wrecked mech turret, in reference to a game called War Robots.
  • Music plays if the player turns their turret toward the center of the map and drives against the edge of the map in a certain area.
  • There is a pirate ship in the bay.
  • There is a tiny TOG II* on one of the rocks with a plaque the reads: "To Edurace".
    • Edurace was a really good TOG II* player who sadly passed away from terminal cancer on February 23rd, 2017.


  • In the town, shooting a specific window with an HE shell (no other shell will work) will result in the window breaking, revealing a room containing a fire and a blue electric arc, in belonging to the mad scientist that created Tankenstein and the IS-3 Defender (The fire and electrical arc are references to Tankenstein and the Defender, respectively.)
  • On the back of the same building, there is a clock. Look above the clock and you will see a Wargaming logo made of Stone. Look below the clock, and you will see a WoT Blitz logo made out of Stone.


  • In the minecart near south spawn, when destroyed, reveals an image depicting a game of WoT Blitz taking place on a map similar to a Mayan Temple. The consensus is that this was a teaser for the map Mayan Ruins before it came out.
  • In the cap circle, there is a sign pointing in 2 directions. One direction states Castilla, and the other Vineyards.


  • If you go to the edge of the map, find the deepest pool and enter it. Look around and you will find a yellow submarine, in reference to the very iconic song by The Beatles.

Naval Frontier

  • Naval Frontier has no known Easter Eggs as of this section being written.

New Bay

  • There was a sign near the spawn on the other side of the map that used to read: "ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING!" This has since been changed to: "Don't Even THINK of Parking Here!".
  • In the park area near where base B would be in Supremacy, there is a sign that has the silhouette of an M41 Bulldog, probably referencing the real-life rule of no dogs allowed in some parks.


  • By the windmill at the center of the map, there is a sign that reads: "Achtung! Low FPS!"
  • At the start of a match, a damaged German bomber, similar to a Heinkel He 111 but with six engines (probably inspired by the real life Amerikabomber long range bomber project), will crash in the middle of the map, near the windmill. You will still crash into the spot where the plane crashes even if you manage to get there before the plane.

Oasis Palms

  • If you park your tank within the corner where two joined buildings meet near Southern Spawn 1, a monkey on a flying carpet flies down the gully in the center of the map, in reference to Aladdin.
  • At the mosque in the dunes, there is a vase that sits at the top of the stairs, shooting it will result in a blue mist in the shape of a genie, another Aladdin reference. Previously, instead of a genie in the shape of the one from Aladdin, the genie would take the shape of an MS-1, a since removed tier 1 Soviet tank.

Port Bay

  • On one of the coal barges behind the smoke stack, there is a rocket ship.
  • Near the same location as the rocket ship, there is a big pumpkin billboard, referencing 2018's Halloween Event, the Mad Games.
  • In the center of the map, there is a clock tower. Going into sniper mode and looking next to the door, there is a newspaper clipping that says "SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER" in reference to the movie Back to the Future.
  • On the clock tower, the seconds hand of the clock goes around very fast, also in reference to BttF.


  • Behind the large bunker doors, there is a Stürmtiger.
  • The next 3 Easter Eggs are Lord of The Rings references.
  • On the right door of the bunker, an easy to miss ring of text pulses into view when you go into sniper mode, the text is the same as the "elvish" (its actually black speech but don't worry about it) which is marked on The One Ring, which translates to “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them."
  • On a small rock near Southern Spawn 2, there is a small gold ring, similar to what is seen in the LotR movies. The same text from the bunker door glows around it.
  • Leaning on a rock next to Northern Spawn 2, there is a staff which is similar to what one of the wizards in LotR wields.

Sea of Tranquility

  • A rubber duck wearing a space helmet can be seen floating among the asteroids above the map. This is most likely a reference to the event called: World of Ducks, as the SpaceDuck's design is very similar to that of the WarDuck's.
    • Shooting the duck will do nothing, as it has no collision.
  • An antique film camera on a tripod can be seen near the Apollo lander. This is possibly a reference to a conspiracy theory that the Apollo landings were a hoax, and were supposedly filmed on a set on Earth.
  • At one point, a flying saucer swoops down to or near the surface of the map before taking off and flying out of sight. This can only be seen for a fraction of a second.


  • Scattered around the map are multiple small soccer balls and field goals.
  • There is a pizza on the roof of a house by the cap circle, or base B in Supremacy.
  • In the destroyed city, there is a Stürmtiger on the bridge outside the edge of the map.
  • Music plays in the courtyard of the intact city.
  • In the intact city, there is a banner above a door with a username on it.

Winter Malinovka

  • In the frozen lake area of the map, there is a dinosaur fossil frozen in the ice.
  • There is a bombing raid on a convoy outside the edge of the map in the opening seconds of a game.

Unnamed Map (World of Ducks)

  • The largest island on the map features a rock formation in the shape of a skull. This is possibly a reference to Skull Island of the King Kong franchise.

Yamato Harbor

  • If you capture the base in an encounter battle, the two main turrets in the front (which have 3 barrels each) will shoot one at a time.
  • If you move around the right of the battleship (facing towards the edge of the map), you will see a rubber duck floating around. Like the duck in Sea of Tranquility, this is possibly referencing World of Ducks.
    • Like on Sea of Tranquility, shooting the duck will do nothing, as it has no collision.


  • There is a large ladder on a rock past the map border in Sector 8. This appears to be a reference to the game Death Stranding's ladder mechanic for negotiating terrain obstacles.
  • Directly to the left of the ladder, if you go up against the cliff, you can hear a dog barking.

Texture Easter Eggs

This Section is Coming Soon.

Garage Easter Eggs

Standard Garage

  • There are no known easter eggs in the standard garage.

Premium Garage

  • In the break room under the officer's office is a neon sign advertising a fictional beverage called "Twister Cup". This is a reference to the annual in-game tournament of the same name.

2020 Christmas Season

  • The workers in the lower level of the garage are wearing masks. The officers in the upstairs office are also gone from this version of the garage. Both of these are a reference to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to many people wearing masks and a decline in face to face meetings.