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The T92E1 is a Tier IX American Light tank. It is preceded by the T49, and leads to the Sheridan.



Peek a Boom is effective, as it has high alpha damage. Do not engage super heavies front on, rather use you speed and get to the side. 230 mm of penetration is adequate to go through most tanks side armour. Hit and Run is also effective. If in the open, and gun is reloading, try get the opponent to hit the angled front hull. Remember, your gun is your best friend. However, ATGMs require a lot of skill, so practice is a must if you want to use them effectively. ATGMs are useful for shooting while you are behind cover, and the opponent is in the open, not the other way around.



  • The T92E1 is a fictional variant of the real-life T92 Light Tank. The main visible difference between the T92 and the in-game T92E1 is the turret, which is the same as that of the preceding T49 (with the top-tier turret installed) and similar to the succeeding Sheridan. This difference makes sense as the T92 was not designed to fire ATGMs while the Sheridan was.
  • The T92E1 used to be one of the most controversial tanks in the game due to its ability to fire ATGM rounds using the max gun. However, this feature was removed in Update 7.5.
  • The T92E1 is one of 4 tanks that has or had the ability to fire ATGM rounds, the others being the T49 A (event exclusive), the Sheridan (ATGMs removed in Update 7.5), and the Sheridan Missile.
  • The T92E1 does not exist in World of Tanks, WoTB's parent game. However, the more historical T92 does.
  • Apart from the turret, the T92E1 differs from the real life T92 in several other ways. The most noticable difference in the suspension, which has the rear idler wheel on the ground. On the T92, the rear idler wheel was raised.


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The real-life T92 light tank