WoT Blitz Wiki

Welcome to the World of Tanks Blitz Wiki, a collaborative project to document the mobile-friendly version of Wargaming's World of Tanks. Because Wargaming's own wiki does not document WoT Blitz well, and the Wargaming wiki on FANDOM has practically nothing on Blitz, members of the player community have come together and created this wiki to help other players gain more knowledge and develop their skills in battle. We need more players to help create and improve pages about tanks, maps, game features, etc.

Policies and Guidelines

In order to help you improve our wiki and maintain reputability, we have set up some policies and guidelines. Policies are rules for how to contribute to the wiki. Guidelines are more like instructions and recommendations, and are not as strictly enforced.



How to edit a page

To edit a section of a page, click the "Edit" link next to that section. To edit the entire page, click the large edit link at the top right corner of the page. Both of these options will open an edit window that allows for quick and easy editing of the page.

Sometimes the standard edit window is not suitable for certain edits, such as changes to tables. Because of this, a more advanced editor can be used by clicking the arrow next to the large edit link and clicking "Classic editor". This editor allows for editing in both visual and source mode.

Once your edit is ready to be published, click "Publish". You may choose to write a short edit summary to let other editors know what you did, which is recommended if the reason for the edit is not obvious.

Note that you may not be able to edit all pages. Pages that are prone or vulnerable to vandalism are sometimes protected to prevent vandalism from happening. However, you may still request edits to these pages by commenting on them.

How to create a page

To create a page, click the "Add" button next to the page count on the right of the navigation bar. This will open a window asking you to choose a name for your page. Once you choose a name, an editor window will pop up. If you do not wish to use the simple editor window, you may exit out of it and use the classic editor the same way you would above.

It is highly recommended that you follow page templates for how a page should look.

Where do I start?

You don't have to start anywhere specifically. Where you start improving the wiki is up to you.